EA on track to make $1 billion off of DLC; Madden NFL 15 major contributor

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Madden NFL 15 officially released this week, but Electronic Arts' (EA) plans have only begun. 

EA is planning a slew of add-on downloadable content for Madden 15 - Ultimate Team players, jerseys, coaches, playbooks and stadiums. They even think that people will spend more money on the DLC, than they did for the actual game.

Do you buy into DLC?

It seems as though more people than you think buy into EA's DLC. In fact, EA is on track to make more than $50 million off  Ultimate Team sales alone. If you look at all of their DLC (and only) sales, they are on track to make $1 billion this year - with Madden 15 included and playing a major role.

These figures are from Bloomberg via James Hardiman (analyst with Longbow Research LLC).

What do you think of DLC? Let me know!

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