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EA celebrates Ultima Online's 15th Anniversary


Today marks the 15th anniversary of Ultima Online, the fantasy MMORPG set in the legendary Ultima universe. Launching in 1997, Ultima Online was the first game of its kind to gain a widespread audience and one of the pioneers in the massive multiplayer online role-playing game genre.

To celebrate this occasion, the development team at Mythic has crafted a long running seven month story arc that will usher in a new king in an upcoming in-game month story arc that will usher in a new king in an upcoming in-game event.

Sadly, Ultima Online in its current state is hardly the same game it once was. Although it still features an in-depth 58 skill system that allows you to customize your character how you see fit, both its graphics and gameplay are outdated when compared to current MMOs. Outdated gameplay combined with a broken economy and poor design decisions make it tough to enjoy Ultima Online, but it's still important to recognize what it stands for: the first MMORPG that has withstood the test of time.

To be perfectly honest, despite the position it's currently in, Ultima Online's 15 year run is impressive considering how many MMOs flop just months after the release (see Star Wars: The Old Republic). To think that the game has spanned over three decades, entertaining millions is truly a testament to the game. It was the first game that got me hooked on MMOs and I've yet to find a game that brings me as much joy as Ultima Online did.

“I personally have worked on Ultima Online for more than 13 years and I’m still inspired by our players and actually learn something new from them every day.  We truly have any amazing community who have been responsible for keeping the game alive for 15 years,” said Associate Producer, Bonnie Armstrong.

To learn more about Ultima Online, the 15th Anniversary celebration and how players can become a part of this still vibrant community, visit the game's official site.

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