EA: Battlefield 4's listed platforms are 'placeholder'

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There was some speculation earlier today that Battlefield 4 would only be released on PC and current generation consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360. This was based on rummaging through the source code of the game's newly launched website. Of course, with the PS4 due out later this year -- which is presumably when Battlefield 4 will launch -- we figured this information to be false.

As it turns out, we were right. EA has confirmed that the string of text mentioning platforms is nothing more than placeholders. The platforms for Battlefield 4 have still yet to be officially confirmed -- though I expect it'll release on current- and next-gen consoles.

Battlefield 4 is set to be unveiled on March 26 at GDC where I expect we'll find out the game's platforms. I'm expected the typical "Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, and future consoles" answer. For the record, future consoles means the currently unannounced next Xbox. A first look at gameplay will be revealed on March 27; however, you can work together with fans to unlock some official art in the meantime.


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