EA Bans Dude Who Gets Cursed At

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As reported just a couple days ago, EA really looks down on swearing. The company despises it so much that gamers who swear while playing Battlefield 3 will get banned. It doesn't end there, though.

As discussed on The Escapist forums, an individual was recently banned from EA's own forums. What did this individual do to get banned? Well, he didn't do or say anything foul, actually.

You may wondering, "But why did he get banned if he didn't swear?" As it turns out, someone else swore on the EA forums and included this user's name at the end of the post. That's right, someone got banned by EA after someone else swore.

The gamer in question has been denied the right to play both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the latter of which was downloaded on Steam. The user reports that EA stated this ban would be permanent. Logically, you can't control what others say, so logically, EA is an idiot for doing this.

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