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EA adds monsters to Tetris to compete with Puzzle & Dragons

Tetris Monsters

Electronic Arts is taking on the Puzzle & Dragons king with a monster-collecting and battling Tetris game.

The company has announced Tetris Monsters only for Japan so far, but one would think EA would want to eventually compete with GungHo Online Entertainment's hit match-3 game on all turfs, including North America. Tetris Monsters is free to play for iOS and is due out this summer.

Puzzle & Dragons is the top-grossing app on both iOS and Android. It recently achieved 17 million registered users, but some analysts think the phenomenon may be slowing down. It might be a good time for EA to step in with something new. This isn't gem-swapping but a new twist on Tetris — with monsters to boot.

EA also recently sped up the classic game with Tetris Blitz in May, microtransactions included.

Source: via Siliconera

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