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EA Access will remove a game for the first time tomorrow

Even after they said they wouldn't.

Contrary to what they said when the service launched, EA will go ahead with their plans to remove FIFA 14 from their EA Access subscription service due to the fact that the company will no longer support the online portion of the game. FIFA 14 had been a part of the service's Vault since launch in August of 2014, in that it could be played in full with no limits on time played.

The game will be removed tomorrow, but if you still wish to play it, you can still download it today and keep it installed on the hard drive. The game will still be playable offline, but you won't be able to play online multiplayer matches or Ultimate Team mode. 

Given that EA still has FIFA 15, 16, and 17 still in the vault, players won't be hurting for options to play FIFA with. However, there's still a chance that FIFA 14's removal is the beginning of a trend for EA Sports titles, following the end of their online support. Granted, most of the older games have seen their player bases die off significantly over the years, so it's likely that not many tears will be shed.

Players also have access to a timed trial of the series' latest entry, FIFA 18 which should see its entrance into the EA Access Vault sometime next year. 

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