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E3 2008: EA Press Conference

July 14, 2008

E3 2008: EA Press Conference
By: Dakota Grabowski 

Electronic Arts scoops up id Software's first-person shooter Rage along with demonstrations of several upcoming titles.

Revolving around the announcement of Electronic Art’s new partnership with id Software to publish their upcoming first-person shooter Rage, the EA ‘08 Press Conference sizzled with creativity and inspiration surrounding several new trailers of EA’s upcoming titles. 

Delivering demonstrations for Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Spore, NBA Live ‘09, Tiger Woods PGA ‘09 All-Play, and Left 4 Dead, EA was determined to let gamers know that they are determined to create new experiences that’ll involve everyone. 

Starting out with Glen Schofield, executive producer for Dead Space, he opened up his introduction speaking about how immersive Dead Space will be.  “We’re pushing real hard for the horror elements… you could say this is a departure for EA,” Schofield said about Dead Space.  Showcasing the title’s unique perspective on how to kill your enemies, Dead Space asks for players to consider strategic dismemberment as they can tear their enemies a part limb by limb.   

On top of all that, Dead Space has removed the HUD to make the game more engrossing to the character.  The game has uniquely put the character’s life bar on the back of the character’s suit and the ammo is displayed as a hologram on the weapon.  Dead Space is set for an October 21 release date on the Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3. 

Following up Dead Space was Patrick Soderland from EA European Studios as he and another team member showcased Mirrors Edge.  Dedicating a lot of time to exhilarating rooftop jumping and death-defying leaps across buildings, Soderland described Mirrors Edge as a “first-person action platform game.”  With appealing puzzles and an aspect where the main character can slow down time called “runner vision” Mirrors Edge definitely is bringing forth interesting ideas that are barely seen in video games that should arrive in store shelves late 2008 on the Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3. 

If that wasn’t creative enough, Will Wright then took the stage with humorous slides for Spore featuring statistics of how creatures were created with the Spore Creature Creator (2 million) compared to how many creatures are on Earth (1.5 million).  It’s safe to say that public interest in this original game is only going to sky rocket when it releases on September 7 for the Mac OS X and PC asking gamers one simple question: “How will you create the universe?” 

After Wright left the stage, Peter Moore took the stage with legendary NBA player Bill Walton and a few developers to show off NBA Live 09.  With the addition of Dynamic DNA and Team DNA, NBA Live 09 will put the gamer in the role of figuring out the best situations for their team and players on and off the court.  Players are evaluated on several elements such as isolation, pick and roll, post-up, off-ball screens, and spot-up shooting to determine their best attributes on the court.  The best part about this addition to NBA Live 09 is that EA is promising to continue to update the Dynamic DNA over the course of the NBA season to give players the most authentic experience they’ve ever had with a basketball game. 

Moore continued to speak about sports titles as next up was Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play.  Implementing over 28 pro-golfers and 15 different golfing games to play, Tiger Woods is shaping up to be a solid title on the Wii.  Moore even affirmed EA’s commitment to the Wii by stating, “We’re definitely serious about the Wii.”   

The last full demonstration of gameplay was from Gabe Newell of Valve for their upcoming first-person co-op horror game, Left 4 Dead.  Providing the ability for up to 4 player co-op, the footage was intense of what could potentially happen throughout the game.  Each and every encounter with enemies will be different for players as they determine how hard the game is based on performance.  If your group of friends opts to shoot each other and have fun, the hordes of enemies will be smaller and allow for an easier experience.  On the other hand, if your team is excellent on wasting the opposition, then the game raises the difficulty and rewards the players with unique instances.  Releasing on the PC and Xbox 360 on November 4, Left 4 Dead should truly entertain gamers with its extreme gameplay. 

Outside of the demonstrations, many other videos of upcoming EA titles were shown such as: Battlefield Heroes, Dragon Age: Origins, Sims 3, SimsAnimals, and along with a massive collage of videos of titles that will be at the EA Meeting Room at E3 including Skate It, Mercenaries 2, Rock Band 2, Warhammer Online, and many more. 

But with all that aside, perhaps the biggest announcement was John Carmack announcing the partnership with EA to publish Rage.  Using id Tech 5 technology, more information about Rage will be announced at QuakeCon 2008.


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