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E3 Leak: Activision working on cel-shaded Transformers: Devastation game

Autobots & Decepticons get shady

E3 Leak: Activision working on cel-shaded Transformers: Devastation game Gallery_small_transformers_2 Gallery_small_transformers_3 Gallery_small_transformers_4 Gallery_small_transformers_5

Add this to the list of leaks ahead of E3 next week. A new Transformers game is reportedly in the works by Activision, according to a leak sent to Pure Xbox. It's called Transformers: Devastation. The unannounced game is said to be a brawler which will release on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It's still unknown if versions for the PS4/PS3 or Wii U are in the works.

A few images of the still unannounced game did manage to make it online. The animation looks like it's been ripped right out of the beloved 80's cartoon series, conjuring up all kinds of beautiful memories for anyone who grew up on the series (raising my hand as I shed a tear).

No word on who's involved on the development side, but Platinum Games is said to be a possibility. The last major Transformers game, Rise of the Dark Spark, was met with mixed reviews, which is a shame considering High Moon's previous two Transformers outings, "War For Cybertron" and "Fall Of Cybertron," were considered critical hits.

As for a release date, Pure Xbox speculates Transformers: Devastation will release sometime this year. We'll certainly find out when Microsoft delivers its E3 press conference Monday, June 15th, at 12:30 EST.

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