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E3 2017: Spider-Man developer talks story and open world; Peter Parker is the playable character

No, you will not be playing as Miles Morales.

After that really incredible Spider-Man gameplay demo at Sony's E3 press conference, we've all been itching to learn more about the game. While Insomniac isn't fully ready to divulge immense amount of details on the PlayStation 4 exclusive superhero title, we got some tidbits that should satisfy some people and answer some questions.

Speaking with Geoff Keighley, creative director on Spider-Man Bryan Intihar talked about the story and open world of Spider-Man. When asked about how open the game will be after the fairly linear demo, Inithar confirmed it will be open world and explained how Spidey will move throughout the city.

"It's a sprawling Manhatten, as soon as you load up the game you can go everywhere. It's open, it's not like we're hiding parts of the city. When he's chasing the helicopter, that's our city. You can swing around in it as much as you want. The idea is that no obstacle should be in your way." he said. " We saw the parkour elements and even when the water tower is destroyed, you can adapt to those situations."

When discussing the story, he said he could talk about it a little bit. He also made sure to confirm that that is Peter Parker in the suit, not Miles Morales like some speculated after seeing him at the end of the demo.

"It is a unique universe, it's not based on any of the movies. This is a brand new universe we've created alongside Marvel. Our Peter, I want to clarify that is Peter Parker in the suit, he's a bit older, he's 23. So he's been doing this for a while, he has a level of mastery. Think of an athlete in the prime of his career. At the same time, Peter Parker is struggling to keep his life in order. He just graduated college, he's got a job, those kinds of conflicts, that's how the best Spider-Man stories come out."

Intihar continued by talking about the villains and how Peter thinks even when he's dressed as Spider-Man.

"This [demo] is early on in the game, he's already taken down Willson Fisk who we saw but a new kind of gang has emerged, the Inner Demons. As they're going around, going after different Fisk territory, we learn through this who the leader of the Inner Demons is who is Martin Lee. The thing I said about Peter and Spider-Man's world colliding, there's a reason why when he gets to the top he doesn't say Mr. Negative, he says Martin Lee. In his head, Martin Lee runs the food shelters, Martin Lee is Aunt May's boss who works at the food shelters. That's as much as I'm going to say about the story, it's a big story."

After being asked about how essential Peter Parker is to the game and if there will be any playable Peter Parker sections Bryan Intihar confirmed Peter himself is a major part of the story and maybe even teased that we may get some one on one time with him.

"I can say Peter Parker is represented really well in this game. I think the big thing for us is we kinda say it's a story about the man behind the mask as much as the man in it and Peter is very intricate to the experience whether it's in story or even in gameplay."

Spider-Man will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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