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E3 2017: PlayStation announces unique Until Dawn VR prequel called The Inpatient

More Until Dawn stuff!

If you're craving a new Until Dawn game like we are, Supermassive Games has something special for you. PlayStation revealed the team at Supermassive is working on a PlayStation VR game set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn in The Sanatorium, the mental asylum/hospital-type place you come across in Until Dawn. You know, the one with the really messed up story behind it? Yeah, that one. 

The main character is you, yes you the person reading this. You'll assume the role of a patient stuck inside The Sanatorium when it was still up and running meaning you'll see the dark secrets it holds in person. Supermassive is dedicated to immersing you into the game so if you look down you'll see your hands, feet, and body and you can even verbally communicate with characters by shouting things at them.

You'll encounter a bunch of patients and other characters and depending on your choices/how you behave, the game's narrative will change. Game director Nik Bowen detailed how they're making the game as scary as possible.

"With The Inpatient, we used psychological horror themes to infiltrate the player’s subconscious and draw them further into the story. Our team spent a lot of time working to create a sense of isolation and fear, making extensive use of immersive 3D binaural audio to complement the amazing visuals and further transport them into their unfamiliar new home."

The game is being written by Until Dawn writers Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick so it will feel like a legit entry in the Until Dawn universe. Bowen promises that you can still enjoy The Inpatient even if you haven't played Until Dawn, it has a new cast of characters and story.

No release date was given for The Inpatient but hopefully, we'll hear more soon!

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