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E3 2017: Minecraft is getting a major graphical update, user created content, and cross-play

Well... that's refreshing.

Update: Windows Central's Jez Corden revealed that PlayStation refused to do cross-platform play for Minecraft.

Original story:

Minecraft is pretty much the most popular game out there. Part of the reason for that is because it's out on so many platforms. Every phone, console, and almost any device that has a working screen can play Minecraft. Since there are so many people spread across so many platforms, developer Mojang thought it would be smart to bring them all together!

Later this year, players across Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and VR devices will all be able to play with each other (sorry PlayStation 4). The game will no longer be referred to as "Minecraft: *insert platform* Edition" and will just be titled simply Minecraft as all of these versions will be the same game.

A Minecraft blog post went into further detail stating: "Anyone playing the game on Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and VR devices will be able to play online together. If you own Minecraft for your mobile or VR device, you'll get this as a free update this summer. If you own Minecraft: Xbox One Edition or Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, you’ll receive the brand new version of Minecraft for free, and your existing worlds and DLC will come along to the new version with you. What’s more, any DLC you purchase will be accessible amongst the various devices at no extra charge. (For example: if you buy the Greek Mythology pack on Nintendo Switch, you’ll also own it on the mobile, Xbox One and Windows 10 Editions too - no extra charge)."

Sounds cool, right? Well there's a lot more. User created content and servers are on the way which will allow a whole new kind of content for a variety of platforms. For years Minecraft on PC was the definitive version but that's all changing.

"This Summer, all platforms receiving the Better Together Update will then have a server browser in the Minecraft start menu. This'll let you search a list of servers which you can join right away! We'll be launching with four servers – Lifeboat, Mineplex, InPVP, and Cubecraft - with more to follow. Plus we've made sure that parental controls and other safety features will be in place, so you decide what your child can access."

Finally, Mojang is changing one of Minecraft's most defining features, the way it looks. This Fall, Minecraft will be getting a graphical upgrade which makes the game look super beautiful while still retaining its recognizable look. The game will feature enhanced lighting, textures, shadows, and more when the Super Duper Graphics update releases this year.

This update will only be available on Xbox One and Windows PC and will look best on Xbox One X and high-end PCs. You can take a look at the new update in a trailer below.

[Minecraft blog post]

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