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E3 2016: Star Wars game by Respawn coming in 2018

Maybe this is what 1313 would have been

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Respawn sure knows how to keep the lid on, and they still are but some news has been revealed today at E3. The title of the new game is still a secret but now it s almost 100 percent certain that it will be similar to what 1313 was supposed to be.

Respawn previously said that they were doing a third person action adventure game and a few months after EA came out and revealed that this unnamed game would be one of the new Star Wars game but still no title or even setting was revealed, but now we know when it will be coming out.

Electronic Arts and  Respawn Entertainment announced today that  their new unnamed Star Wars game, a third-person action adventure game set in new era that has not been played with too much before. No info on the story has been revealed yet but this new game will be coming in 2018, just two years away.

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