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E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 revealed, demo available on PS4 tonight

Guess they had to make up for Silent Hills.


Resident Evil 7 was revealed tonight at E3 to much surprise, the trailer started out as something reminiscent of P.T./Silent Hills and truthfully, I hoped that's what it was! But, that was not the case. We got the next best thing. Resident Evil seems to be changing entirely, going from the third-person shooter we have all come to know and love to a first-person horror experience.  The trailer show's just how creepy the game will be when it releases in January of 2017, but most of us probably can't wait that long.

Starting tonight, if you have PS+ you can download the Resident Evil 7 demo to your PlayStation 4. It's unclear if the game will follow new characters in the Resident Evil universe or if we will see familiar faces like Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, or Jill Valentine.

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