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E3 2016: Killer Instinct

This game can't get much better!

Killer Instinct really is an incredible fighting game. After transitioning to free to play (for the most part), many thought (myself included) that it would fade out due to the new setup. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.

When Season 3 was first announced last year and that guest characters were going to be a part of the game, Rash from Battletoads broke the mold. The game launched earlier this year with four launch characters (Tusk, Kim-Wu, Arbiter and Rash). Follow up characters included Mira and then Gargos with General RAAM from Gears of War the 7th character still to come. That left one character unknown still to come and that all changed at E3 earlier today.

We did get some General RAAM footage and screens, but unfortunately the final character was not revealed.

In the new Shadow Lords single player mode, we'll be tasked with beating Gargos before his invasion is complete. You choose one character as primary and build a team of fighters using the current slot of characters available. It's a part ladder, part arcade and part story mode that Iron Galaxy will add new content to as players get added to the game. We only knew of a Summer release date prior to today, but both Microsoft and Iron Galaxy did not announce an official date yet. 


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