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E3 2016: How to download Resident Evil 7 demo, only available for PS+ users



One of the biggest announcements at Sony's E3 press conference was the return of Resident Evil. The official reveal of Resident Evil 7 was pretty horrifying, giving players exactly what they wanted.

In high fashion, Sony then announced the demo which is available to download starting to tonight for all PS+ users. Finally after about 4 and half hours later, the demo is available to download for North American users.

To download the beta you're going to want to scroll down on the main menu to the free tab. Once there scroll to the right to the demo section; after that the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard demo should be on top. Click on the game and keep scrolling down until you hit the demo portion; click it and viola! It's all yours.

Important: As of now the demo will only be downloadable directly from the PS4 and not from a mobile device nor computer. Thanks Wario for the heads up!



Resident Evil 7 draws from the series’ roots of atmospheric survival horror, it also delivers a whole new level of terror. In the classic Resident Evil games of yesteryear, players braced for fear in the first-person via the creepy door-opening scenes, and Resident Evil 7 ramps up that tension with an immersive first-person view and a photorealistic graphical style.

Last year fans were treated to a similar treat in Kojima's Silent Hills, however, that game went on to be cancelled shortly. Hopefully, Resident Evil 7 doesn’t follow the same path. Sony also noted that PSVR will be fully compatible when the game releases, giving players a scare that no one has ever prepared for.

The 7th entry in the series is set to release on January 24 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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