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E3 2014: Uncharted 4 coming to PS4 in 2015

Sony today officially announced Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for PS4, coming in 2015.

The reveal trailer shows series protagonist Nathan Drake once again scraping himself off a jungle floor, all while a conversation between him and Victor Sullivan carries in the background. From this and the previous trailer—and the fact that this is an Uncharted game—we can infer that, once again, Drake’s got some treasure to find and that his “full-proof plan” will go horribly wrong.

Beyond the 2015 window, no release date was given. Naughty Dog’s other projects, said to be on par with Uncharted, were also not addressed, leaving plenty of room for surprises in the coming days and months. We’ll update you with more information as it surfaces.

Austin Wood
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