E3 2014: Titanfall is getting two new game modes

Titanfall Screenshot - E3 2014: Titanfall is getting two new game modes

Are you bored with the game modes currently available in Titanfall? Fear not, dear reader, because Respawn Entertainment is ready to spruce up your gaming.

The developer is showing off two new game modes at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. First up is "Marked for Death," which features two teams aiming to eliminate a player who has been, well, marked for death. In practice, it sounds awfully like the Assassination game mode from Gears of War.

Next up is "Wingman LTS," a four-player mode. Two teams of two will compete in a format akin to Last Titan Standing; no respawns or new Titans here. This one sounds a bit, I don't know, sketchy on paper, but we'll se how it turns out.

These new game modes will arrive as part of a free update later this summer.


Jake Valentine
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