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E3 2014: The Division aiming for 30fps, as to not compromise graphical fidelity


In this day and age, if you're talking about a new game, you best believe people are talking about its resolution and the amount of frames per second. It's like an unwritten law. So naturally, Massive's David Polfeldt felt the need to address this issue for The Division, since the game does look extremely beautiful.

Massive is targeting 30fps across both next-gen consoles as well as the PC version, to make sure that they can retain the beauty of the game, as well as maintain the impressive level of destruction.

Polfeldt told this to Gamespot.

"I think we're shooting for 30fps because it's a trade-off, right? Graphical fidelity and immersion are more important to us than the frame-rate," Polfeldt said. "If we go for [60fps], we'll have to make a trade-off on fidelity and other things, but because we want to have very, very complex destruction and extremely detailed environments; a complete weather system, full day/night cycle … at some point you have to make up your mind: where do you invest? And for us, it's going to be 30fps."

As for the resolution? He wasn't quite ready to say, which means that 1080p might not be on the table. Regardless, from what we've seen, the game looks absolutely phenomenal.


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