E3 2014 | Talking Dark Souls 2 DLC with Producer Atsuo Yoshimura

Bandai Namco interviewed Dark Souls II producer Atsuo Yoshimura about the Lost Crowns Trilogy DLC. In these three separate episodes, you’ll be looking for three other crowns of King Vendrick. In these adventures, there will be new weapons, armor, magic, and of course bosses. The patches for these DLC will come out the day of the DLCs – for balancing purposes.

There will be certain conditions players will have to meet to take certain roots in the DLC. So if a player wants more of a challenge, they can go seek that out. Along these same lines, a player without the DLC can be summoned without having the DLC in these new lands. Sure certain unknown parameters have to be met, but this fact is interesting and quite uncommon in gaming.     

From Software views community feedback as “very helpful.” All the comments and feedback reflect in their decision making processes. So in a nutshell, keep it coming. The first of these DLCs Crown of the Sunken King comes out July 22nd, it’s really not that far off.

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