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E3 2014 | Super Smash Bros. tournament shows off some wicked gameplay

People, not even just Nintendo fans, love the Smash Bros. franchise. I know so many people that have bought various Nintendo consoles just for the purpose of playing the hell out of these games. Will this be a the game that brings a massive sales spike to the Wii U? Possible. Come October 3rd on the 3DS or some unpinned time in Q4 of 2014 on the Wii U, you’ll have the opportunity to wreck your friends in true Smash style.

But why wait until then to see some gameplay? This is where The Super Smash Bros E3 2014 Tournament comes to play. This two-hour + event had a slew of matches with multiple characters for you to watch and get a feel for. This event was a bracket-tournament style with a single winner who can say they are the first champion of this game. Not to bad if you ask me. I’d just be happy playing it.

Check out the video below and let the hype flow through you.

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