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E3 2014: Super Smash Bros. 3DS’ new trailer is packed with gameplay options

Nintendo today released a new trailer for the 3DS version of the next Super Smash Bros., showing off numerous in-game options and the handheld’s gameplay.

The elephant in the room is the option to adjust character outlines in the game’s graphical options, which had proven to be a sticking point for many fans up until now. What was once thought to be a graphical limitation due to the 3DS limited power is now, thanks to the option to turn outlines completely off, a simple means of distinguishing characters on the smaller screen. The game will also allow players to adjust both character and music audio through its options, and will include a digital manual.

No doubt due to the torrent of requests for it, a statistics monitor has also been added into the Smash Bros. formula. This allows players to keep track of their fighting performance, character stats and more and should prove invaluable for the competitive scene. And to the relief of players who’d rather smash bros on the couch with a few friends, the 3DS version will also include the zany custom battles that the series is known for.

Gold management is also a prominent feature in the video in the form of challenges and wagers, allowing users to spend gold to raise the stakes and difficulty of a battle and take challenges for certain characters (a la Uncharted 3 multiplayer for those familiar with it). This looks to be an interesting and wholly benign feature, but one rife with microtransaction potential, so we’ll have to play the game ourselves before we can drop that little bit of paranoia.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS will release this holiday season. 

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