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E3 2014: Shigeru Miyamoto unveils Project Giant Robot

Giant Robot

Kaiju are all the rage these days, and by that same token, so are giant robots. Shigeru Miyamoto has took the stage at Nintendo Treehouse Live to talk about a few of his new projects, the first one being Project Giant Robot.

The gameplay consists of taking control of, you guess it, a giant robot, where the TV screen displays the robot and its surroundings in third person view, while the Nintendo Gamepad shows the robot's view from first person.

The goal of the game is to fight in a one-on-one match against other giant robots, that are random, and your goal is to knock the robot down to win the match.

There is also a robot customization option, where you can make your robot look completely different, but also, changing up your robots physical attributes will also change how he behaves in battle. For instance, if you make the robot's feet wide, he'll be harder to topple over, but much slower. Players then will also be able to compare other players' robots to compare builds.

Keep in mind that Project Giant Robot isn't an announced new title for the system, but more of an idea, or, a project, as the name suggests. The ideas presented here could certainly evolve into full games, but as of right now, are unique ideas for potential games.

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