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E3 2014: Play Far Cry 4 online co-op with a single disc, only on PS4

Far Cry 4

Last night we got a first look at what the gameplay will look like in Ubisoft's next open-world FPS, Far Cry 4. But the bigger news came after showing us vertical scaling of mountains and jumping into a co-op match with a buddy. It was the news that on PlayStation 4, gamers will be able to play online co-op, without their friends needing their own copy of Far Cry 4. And apparently, this feature will only be possible on the PS4.

That's pretty monumental, considering I have a tough time getting my friends and coworkers to get interested in certain games I like, enough for them to go out and buy them. I imagine, I'm not the only one with this problem.

Far Cry 4 will take place in Kyrat, around the Himalayas, and the game's main antagonist this time around will be a guy named Pagan Min, who might be just as crazy as Vaas from Far Cry 3.

The game is scheduled for release on November 18th, and will be coming on both generations of consoles, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC as well.

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