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E3 2014: Nintendo has one more surprise for the 3DS planned for later today


I have to hand it to Nintendo. I know I've complained in the past that I think it's a mistake for them not to have a live press conference, but after watching their Digital Event yesterday, I'm now eating those words. They easily had one of the most entertaining segments. Sure it had some lulls, but the games they showed off and announced were absolutely fantastic.

And it looks like they're not quite done yet. Nintendo has invited us to two roundtables, one specifically for Super Smash Bros. which was last night, and one more planned for an unannounced 3DS game for today at 6PM PT / 9PM ET.

We'll be sure to let you know what the reveal is once the time comes. What are we hoping for? A new Metroid would be nice. I also wouldn't mind if it ended up being Daigasso Band Brothers, but I know I'd be in the very low minority there.

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