E3 2014: New Evolve details revealed, classes named

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Upcoming co-op shooter Evolve received a brief but informative teaser during Microsoft’s E3 show, including the official introduction of its four classes.

In a similar vein as the assumed classes of Left 4 Dead, Evolve players will assume the role of Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support. Self-explanatory by design, these four will surely keep the gameplay varied and allow players to each contribute something unique and necessary to the game’s group effort.

However, the real show-stopper was the reveal that players will also be playing as the many monsters Evolve has to offer. Of course, the exact nature of the role has yet to be defined. Will players be able to take part in others’ campaigns? Is it only an online feature? How is the monster assigned? Is there always a player-controlled monster?

There’s still plenty to be said for Evolve, as these new details have only raised more questions. At the very last, we know that the game will be bringing its beta and exclusive content to Xbox One

Austin Wood
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