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E3 2014: Level 5's Fantasy Life lets you choose your own destiny

If there is one thing games like Rune Factory have taught me, it's that mixing mundane tasks like tending to farmland, chopping trees and taking care of animals with RPG exploration and combat, is a very successful formula.

Fantasy Life from developer Level 5 will use a similar formula, where it will be up to the player to decide whether they want to be a woodcutter, a blacksmith, or an adventurer, just to name a few, and then complete various tasks based on the job you pick.

According to the trailer, you're not always bound to the life you choose, and you'll be able to freely switch out jobs.

Level 5 is known for having gorgeous art styles in their games, and it looks like Fantasy Life continues this trend, with stylized characters but a colorful cartoon palette.

Fantasy Life will be available on the Nintendo 3DS this October.

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