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E3 2014: Just Dance 2015 wants you to dance in a room without a roof

Look, if you’re not dancing like you’re Happy you’re doing it wrong. New line up, new songs, new actions - just what you expect in Just Dance 2015. I want nothing more than a heavy yellow sweatshirt with big smiley face on it. Just Dance Now is a brand new app which will integrate your experience - for FREE. This will allow you to use your smartphone as a remote for a few players to an entire stadium. So basically your phone become a Wii controler. So yea, infinite players is now a thing.  

Ubisoft loves their smartphone integration Check out the video above!

Andrew Clouther Human, historian, teacher, writer, reviewer, gamer, League of Pralay, Persona fanboy, and GameZone paragon - no super powers as of yet. Message me on the Twitters: @AndrewC_GZ
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