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E3 2014 | Doom is back, yes, Doom!

The original Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein were my first - first person shooter games. I’d go ahead and say I played them pretty intensely on my crappy PC back in the day. It’s always been interesting seeing how these three franchises have evolved over the years. With new technology comes better graphics and with more gameplay options. This trend is only continuing…

This is my transition to the new Doom announced at E3 2014. Check out the trailer and get your fix of HELL. Sure there is no gameplay here, but the floor plan for a Doom game is present. You have what looks like could be hell, a demon, and cybernetic enhancements. That’s Doom in a nut shell. At the end, you also hear that cliché door opening sound that is so freaking nostalgic to you Doom fans. I love it. Check out the trailer above.


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