E3 2014: Battlefield: Hardline plays cops and robbers with Heist mode

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Today we finally got an updated look at EA and Visceral's newest Battlefield spinoff, Battlefield: Hardline. The game was leaked a few weeks ago, though devs were claiming that the video leaked was a 6 month old build. During EA's Press Conference, we finally got to see it in action in its most updated build.

We were shown a high action sequence with 32 players between Cops and Robbers in a mode called Heist. Hardline is trading in large open battlefields for urban streets.

The trailer showed off this elaborate heist from both points of view, which was interesting. From what I've seen, the robbers are far more interesting than the cops. And what kind of heist was this exactly? This seemed extremely elaborate for just a heist. These robbers just caused terrorist-level damage for some cash? Jeez.

The craziest news is that Battlefield: Hardline beta starts.... RIGHT NOW! If you have a copy of Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4, you get immediate access to the beta, starting today.

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