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E3 2014: Atlus reveals side-scrolling adventure game Abyss Odyssey

Atlus today revealed developer ACE Team’s newest project: a side-scrolling, procedurally generated fighter featuring a narcoleptic warlock.

Abyss Odyssey takes place in a world ravaged by the dreams of—you guessed it—a sleeping warlock. The hideous beings his mind concocts are leaking to the surface, and now three heroes are charged with confronting, and presumably either waking or killing, the source. These heroes form the game’s characters: Katrien, Ghost Monk and Pincoya.

The game plays out as a 2D action-fighting game a la Valdis Story and features “a complex fighting engine in procedurally generated levels.” This unlikely juxtaposition of elements creates a fresh gameplay experience, Atlus added.

“The side-scrolling levels never play out the same way twice, from the monsters they are filled with, the locations of live-saving merchants, or the unique encounters and treasures to be found.”

Abyss Odyssey will release as a downloadable title for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this summer.

Austin Wood
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