E3 2014: A ton of Bloodborne info, courtesy of VaatiVidya

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Bloodborne might have only shown off a cinematic trailer at the Sony Press Conference, but Sony is showing off a 30 minute, behind closed doors hands-off demo on the show floor. Souls enthusiast, VaatiVidya, has had the opportunity to get a glimpse at this demo, and share a lot of details as well as his personal impressions on From Software's next game.

Miyazaki already stated that a big change will come to combat, where instead of playing more passively by blocking then attacking, enemies will be much more aggressive, and thus, the combat will rely on a much quicker pace.

The title Bloodborne also has to do with the lore, since the blood of enemies can make people turn more beastlike, which could be a spin on the act of going hollow.

While the cinematic trailer and the short gameplay clips focus on a single protagonist, Famitsu confirmed that there will be character customization in the game, as well as different classes. There will also be a variety of classes for weapons, and the sword cleaver wielded by the protagonist in the trailer falls in the class of transforming weapons.

The game will have online elements, and a few insiders have told Vaati that the game will emphasize a four-player co-op option, making this title more co-op friendly.

The levels will once again wrap and twist around each other, which means that the interconnectivity of the world will resemble the one in Dark Souls.

Guns are intended to be more close range weapons, giving more offensive versatility in close range combat. For example, a player can stun an enemy with a gun and then finish it with a sword.

Players have to actively cut down enemies faster, and not passively baiting out enemies, since enemies are said to swarm you much quicker and in bigger numbers.

For Vaati's full impressions, check out the video below:

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