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E3 2013: The Crew is Ubisoft's new persistent, open-world multiplayer racing game


The crew is a new game that Ubisoft showed off at their E3 press conference today. The trailer showed four tires roll into place in a garage, as car parts built together a racing machine. Interlaced with police chases through a crowded city street, the trailer featured some nice driving moves and collisions.

Much like their Watch Dogs reveal, at the end of the trailer it showed that multiple people were indeed playing. Julian Gerighty, the creative director of The Crew, then took to the stage.

The Crew was built to use the new tech to change how driving games are played. The mulitplayer, open-world ultimate playground takes place in the United States. You work to build a crime organization through driving and taking over city by city.

The game is an online persistent world. You can group up with your friends, create a crew and play co-op in every single race. Yes, the people you race with could be AI, but it's so much cooler when you have those cars as friends or enemies. 

You also control the cars you play as and the modifications they receive.

They then showed off gampelay of friends playing cooperatively to complete a mission, each having their own goals in the mission. In the distance, you can see Las Vegas. You could drive down there, but they stayed on the mission at hand. Ubisoft stressed that there's no player lobbies, as one of the players invited his friends to help him and they all started playing together. It was a takedown of a rival race crew in the city of Miami. 

The car creation system is badass to say the least. Customization looks limitless. There's also leveling up, but I don't know what that brings you. At the end of the gameplay, we saw another crew come in that would rival the one from the mission.

Even more, from your iPad, you can customize your car. 

Of course, The Crew will be releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. No release date was announced.

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