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E3 2013: Sony announces new IP The Order 1886 for PS4

the order 1886

At its E3 2013 press conference today, Sony announced The Order 1886 as a new IP for the PlayStation 4. 

The game is developed by Ready At Dawn Studios and is exclusively for the PS4. 

In and alternate-history, Victorian-era London, technological advances take center stage in a battle against an ancient foe. Taking place 40 years after the Industrial Revolution, you play as a knight, a member of an ancient order.

You fight for mankind's survival as you interact with real-world historical characters to aid you in your quest. The game has a film-like quality, and in a post to PlayStation Blog, they discuss that they used aesthetics that have been in cinematography for decades. 

The game follows a male and female duo. Nothing was shown besides a trailer, but that trailer was awesome and had steampunk elements. LOVE IT.

The Order 1886

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