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[E-sports dail-E] with Dustin #6


Tournament updates and announcements galore today, so read on, oh faithful e-sports fan!

Photobucket Super Battle Opera Qualifier Results

LI Joe and Dieminion took the two tournaments that were held back to back earlier today to determine who gets to represent the East Coast fighting scene in the Super Battle Opera in Japan. The turnout to this event was dreadfully low, the casters attributed this to post-EVO syndrome as EVO just ended this last weekend. Congratulations to them and a shoutout to for hooking it up for the community, as they donated $1000 towards the two roundtrip tickets to Japan.


There will be other qualifiers in Texas and California to take place later this month, so keep it tuned here for more information as it surfaces. LI Joe and Dieminion join greats in Japan such as Fuudo, the EVO SSF4AE champion. Should be interesting to see how things pan out.


Day 1 of European Invitational Review

Starcraft 2


As you can see from the above, Brood War legend White-Ra has been knocked out of the tournament without taking a single game! What an upset, as he was favored to win the tournament by many top Starcraft 2 sites. TSL3 Champion Naniwa was also knocked to the loser’s bracket but made something of a comeback against Nericho, the zerg who eliminated White-Ra. Now Naniwa will square off against Tarson to get to the Consolation bracket semi-finals. On the winner’s side, Ret and Thorzain will match up to see who goes to the grand finals, once again putting an emphasis on how much of an advantage winning every match has – the more you win, the less matches you have to play overall.

World of Warcraft Arena


The best of 5 series for each bracket are depicted above – not much on the analysis side here, I’ll leave that for more informed minds – I’m really not much of a PvPer in World of Warcraft.


North American Star League Season 2 Map Pool revealed

The NASL has announced their Map Pool for season 2, which I have listed below: Antiga Shipyard (Cross positions enforced) Dual Sight Bel'Shir Beach Terminus SE ([Rocks on the path to 3rd) Metalopolis (Cross positions enforced, rocks at gold) Taldarim Altar LE (Rocks at 3rd) Crevasse Shattered Temple (Cross positions enforced) Xel'naga Caverns

If you would like to see pictures of the maps, go to near the middle, just ignore the ad about 20% off the HD pass for season 2.. Or don’t, if you’re interested.


MSi Beat-It Competition in Heroes of Newerth and Counterstrike Source 1.6 at Winter Dreamhack

Both games will have an identical prize pool of $15,000 in cash and $15,000 in MSi hardware for the top 4 teams to split amongst themselves. Both games will have multiple qualifiers over the next few months, in addirion to Dreamhack inviting back previous CSS 1.6 champions SK-Gaming. Each qualifying tournament has a $1,000 cash pot for the winners and a spot at this winter’s Dreamhack taking place in Novemeber. Stay tuned for more coverage as these preliminary tournaments draw closer.

Hype Worthy Moment

This moment from Evo 2k7 in Marvel vs Capcom 2 shows you just how important it is to never give up, despite how bad you may be behind.


Interview with Viscant after his victory in MvC3 at EVO 2011 courtesy of Cross Counter. Thought it was a great interview and goes in depth as to why you shouldn’t spend too much time celebrating after winning part of a series rather than just continuing to play.

That’s it for today’s dail-e! Tune in tomorrow for the Sunday editorial edition, with a small news section! Dustin Steiner is Gamezone’s e-sports correspondent! Follow him on Twitter @SteinerDustin

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