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[e-Sports Dail-e] Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 Beta Changes, Maj0r signs with TSL, Naniwa to CoL


Photobucket Maj0r heads to Korea, signs with TSL

In a surprise move after his departure from and the subsequent death of Sixjax Gaming, Juan Carlos "MajOr" Tena Lopez has moved to Korea and will be practicing with Team SCV Life. According to several Korean sources, however, he has not officially joined the team.

Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski, Global Starcraft League commentator and the man responsible for bringing MajOr to Sixjax Gaming, has facilitated the move, and will chronicle MajOr's time in Korea in a new video show titled "New Path."

MajOr currently ranks 3rd overall in the TLPD, Team Liquid's ELO rating system. He recently took 1st place at the Blizzard Latin America Invitational, earning a spot at this up coming Blizzcon.

Photobucket Naniwa parts ways with Dignitas, joins Complexity

Johan 'NaNiwa' Lucchesi had recently just been team-less due to Dignitas deciding to not re-sign the Swedish Protoss after the two parties could not reach an agreement on the contract. However, many expected NaNiwa to not be team-less for very long, and it seems that's very true.

Complexity Gaming has decided to pick up the young up and coming Protoss player, who has proven himself well all around the world. Some of NaNiwa's many accomplishments include his first place finish at MLG Dallas 2011, first place in the Black Dragon League, and many podium places all across event such as, the HomeStory Cup, ZOTAC Cups, IOL, and much more.

Complexity's Press Release is Below: "Everyone at compLexity Gaming is thrilled to announce that we have added world-class StarCraft 2 star Johan "Naniwa" Lucchesi to coL.SC2.

Dignitas owner Michael O`Dell has released Johan from the remainder of his contract and allowed him to sign with us today. Mr. O`Dell stated, "Team Dignitas chose not to re-sign Naniwa because we feel he no longer fits into our team. We have released him and wish him the best in the future."

"Naniwa has proven himself to be one of the best StarCraft 2 players in the world," stated Jason Lake, CEO of compLexity Gaming. "We have spent the past couple weeks in long discussions with him and we're confident his amazing dedication and work ethic will reap great rewards in the future. We're very excited to have him join our organization."

For the foreseeable future Johan will reside in the Team MVP house in Korea."

Naniwa’s signing with Complexity means that he’ll be practicing with the likes of DongRaeGu, sC and Genius – no slouches themselves. Naniwa’s skills can only go up from here, and since he’ll be staying in Korea, he will likely be participating in not only the open brackets (or Code B) of the GSL, but the Team GSL as well.

Photobucket Further Updates to SSF4AE 2012

Earlier today, further updates to the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 patch were unearthed by the fine folks over at Capcom-Unity. I’ve linked them below – some interesting nerfs and buffs to be seen, particularly to Yang. It’s nice that they buffed his third target combo, making it a helluva lot more useful.

Cammy [Quick Spin Knuckle]: Push back distance on block has been reduced, and follow ups from Cammy such as [cr.LK], etc, are now considered to be a true block string.

Fei Long [Engekishu] (f+HK): 2nd hit is now super cancelable; however total move damage has been decreased from 150->130.

Sakura [Sakura Otoshi]: Changed difficulty of command input, and adjusted it so that the move will not come out from button releases.

Rose [EX Soul Reflect]: Move is invincible to projectiles until frame 7, and shot reflection occurs from frame 5. This makes it easier to instantly reflect projectiles. [Soul Satellite]: Fixed a glitch that caused the EX version to come out when doing the command input and holding up-left on the controller.

Gen [EX Jyasen]: Opponent stun is +1F if the hit right before the last hit connects. Thus [FADC] afterwards gives Gen a max +8F. [Lv1 Focus Attack]: Properties have been changed based on which stance Gen is in. • [Mantis Style]: Forward dash after a hit gives even frames to both players. • [Crane Style]: Forward dash after a block gives even frames to both players. [EX Oga]: Damage increased from 100->150. Variation of the move [Far Kick] during EX is now faster, and a hit allows for further combo opportunities. [Crane Style cr.MK]: Now +1F on hit, -1F on block. Hittable area has been reduced.

Dan No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

T.Hawk [EX Condor Dive]: On hit, the move retains projectile invincibility until end of recovery. [Heavy Shoulder] (d+MP): Can now be done from a vertical jump. [Condor Spire]: Simplified command has been changed back to what it is in the current SSFIV AE. [Raging Slash]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

Dee Jay [close HK]: If the first hit connects it forces the opponent to stand, and the 2nd hit is now super cancelable. Move is now -2F on block.

Guy [Wall Jump]: Can now attack earlier after the initial jump off the wall. [Bushin Hasoken]: Hit box on the last part is enlarged, making it easier to connect the full Super Combo. [Bushin Muso Renge]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

Cody No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

Ibuki [Bonsho Kick]: Push back distance after hit has been reduced, and on counter-hit it is easier to follow up with combos. [Yoroitoshi]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

Makoto No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

Dudley [Jet Upper]: Startup of light and medium versions changed from 6F to 5F, heavy version changed from 4F to 3F. [Short Swing Blow]: On hit, medium and heavy versions do additional 2F of hit stun, giving Dudley +2F total. [Ducking Upper]: Startup changed back to what it is in existing SSFIV AE. [cr.MK]: Startup changed from 10F->8F and active frames lengthened from 5F->6F, making it a better poking tool. [Rolling Thunder]: First hit will not connect against airborne opponents, but from 2nd hit onwards there is additional hit detection against airborne opponents.

Adon [Jaguar Kick]: Hittable area of light and medium versions has been enlarged. Hittable area of heavy version remains the same, but damage has been reduced from 140->130. [close MK]: Properties have been changed back to what it is in existing SSFIV AE.

Hakan No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

Juri [Senpusha]: Hit stun has been adjusted so [FADC] after light version gives +6F on the first hit, +3F on the second. Medium and heavy versions gives +6F for either hit, and EX gives +3F on first hit and +8F on second hit. [close MP]: Startup changed from 5F->3F, making it easier to connect combos up close.

Yun [Zenpo Tenshin]: Startup of light, medium, heavy versions changed from 11F->10F. [LK]: Block stun increased by 1F, giving total +2 on block. [Target Combo 3]: 2nd hit is now super cancelable.

Yang [EX Tourou Zan]: Will not come out on button releases. [Byakko Soshouda]: Only during [Seiei Enbu], total move frames have been changed back to what they are in the current SSFIV AE. [Target Combo 3]: 3rd hit is now causes knockdown, and is super cancelable. [Back Step]: Special cancel timing towards the end is changed from frame 24 to frame 26.

Evil Ryu [cr.HK]: Startup changed from 6F->7F, damage from 90->100, active frames from 2F->3F. [H. Shoryuken]: First hit damage changed from 90->100, for a total of 160.

Oni [Air Hadou Dash]: Can now be canceled into Ultra Combo I [Metsu Gouzanku] on hit or block. [L. or H. Air Hadou Dash]: Hit box size has been enlarged. [EX Air Tatsumaki Zankukyaku]: Falling trajectory changed to become vertical when canceled from [L. or M. Air Hadou Dash]. Damage changed to 140, stun to 200, and move is now only 1 hit. [Air Raging Demon]: Modified so that it will only hit airborne opponents, and can be used in combos. Damage has been reduced from 370->320. Normal [Raging Demon] is still a throw. [M. Demon Slash]: Active projectile invincibility frames increased from 16F->19F.

These changes, in addition to the others previously announced, seem to be making great strides towards rebalancing SSF4AE and making it the classic it deserves to be.

Starbase Arcade Weekly Tournament – South Cali action in SSF4AE, MK9 and MvC3

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