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[e-Sports Dail-e] Sixjax Gaming drops Maj0r, Vedimak issued 2 Year Ban by ESL for cheating


Before we get started today, I have something of a personal announcement to make – I’ll be attending MLG Orlando bringing all of you coverage DIRECT from the tournament floor! A huge thank you to the Gamezone staff for offering me, and all of you, this tremendous opportunity. And now, on with the news!

Photobucket Starcraft 2 News: Maj0r Released from Team Sixjax

The Mexican Terran player Juan 'MajOr' Lopez has been released from Sixjax Gaming after not having met the professional and ethical expectations of Sixjax's sponsor and upper management.

The Sixjax site reveals that he has breached his contract on several occasions and having continued to act out. Breaches incudling not wearing his team jersey at MLG Anaheim and swearing at his opponents.

MajOr responded by saying he was promised to be sent to Korea due to an upcoming partnership between Incredible Miracle and Sixjax that fell through. He then felt that the team did not send enough players to MLG and that his opinions were not heard.

Here’s what Sixjax manager Evoli had to say on the subject:

When we first recruited Juan 'Terran' Lopez he represented both an opportunity and a liability. He was as famous for his poor attitude as he was for his expectional grasp of the game. We took a chance when we picked him up, and things didn't work out like we wanted. As of September 2nd, 2011 Juan 'Terran' Lopez will no longer be a part of the Sixjax Gaming organization.

Juan, though an outstanding player, couldn't meet the professional and ethical expectations of our sponsor and upper management. In the few months he's been with our team he's has breached his contract on several occasions, and despite constant warnings he has continued to act out. That is simply unacceptable. Starcraft is more than a game for our team; it is a profession.

As Juan has proven through his actions that he has no intentions of changing, we here at Sixjax have been left with no choice but to terminate his contract and release him.

We wish him the best of luck in the future, and I, personally, am certain that there is a deal somewhere out there that will be a perfect fit for him.

And here’s what Maj0r had to say on the subject (reader beware, it’s not the most grammatically correct piece of literature ever.)

ok, first of all the only wrong thing i remember i did was doing the SEA Event and the WBC insident of MLG was more because he started trash talking in a middle of an active game,even tough its wrong and i shouldnt had done it , i did it and i cant change it, it was a mistake and wont happen again. Also i want to clear up some stuff they said i been asking for being realesed for over a month maybe longer since the first day i signed with sixjax they promised they would send me to korea as fast as possible, they apparently had a deal with IM about 2 months ago but it felt down, so i was dissapointed by that but they tried to find a new deal with another team , aka TSL which they basically said were inches to complete and felt again , made me to start doubting about ever making their making their promise right , the thing that made me the most mad was Last MLG when they send 0 players to MLG i asked for a reason and Evoli(team manager) asked the owner of sixjax but he apparently responded with wait a few days we have an annoucment to do, so i was kinda piss at that time than by my self i got in contact with NshoseoSAGE and after test games i was accepted in NSH house so i asked sixjax if they would willing to send me to korea and me staying in NSH for free(no food to pay rent or anyhthing), they said no and at that point i decided to leave and dont play for them anymore i told em i wouldnt accept anymore payments.

It’s unclear what will happen to Sixjax in the future with the recent loss of both Maj0r and Skew. The roster currently consists of Artosis, VIBE, AahBoxxah, CocoA and DDE.

Photobucket Counterstrike News: ESL issues 2 Year Ban to Vedimak

What is it with all these cheaters lately? The Moldovan team Alliance generated headlines when they eliminated Frag eXecutors in round one of the first qualifier for IEM6 Global Challenge New York. The team later on went on to lose against Moscow Five in the fourth round. In the second qualifier the team attended as HighRollersGaming, but with the exact same lineup.

Once again a lot of suspicion was created around the team, as the community had the impression that the team was using shady methods, especially Evgeniy "vedimak" Grigorov.

Grigorov today received a two year ban from ESL, based on the fact that he was found guilty trying to bypass the ESL Wire system, the ESL website states. ESL claim Grigorov was unveiled by new detecting methods that were added to the ESL Wire software recently. He furthermore used a fake profile on the ESL page, for the games that took place this Sunday, as well as last Sunday.

Vedimak now has a 2 year ban, ending on September 6, 2013. Cheaters never prosper, people. Play with integrity or the glory you receive will always be stripped away. It’s like using steroids in professional sports – you’ll just end up an asterisk on a results page.

LiangHuBBB’s Comeback Compilation episode 25

LianghuBBB’s long running series of amazing comebacks gathered from various streams, replays from the replay channel, etc. is back once more! Amazing comebacks set (rather appropriately) to Guile’s theme.

The Street Fighter 3 stuff in particular was very impressive!

That’s it for today’s Dail-e! Keep it locked here for all the best in eSports news!

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