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[e-Sports Dail-e] MVP wins GSL August, ESWC Throws a lifeline and SFxTekken's Pandora Mode


Note to self: Just because you’re the new full timer at work, doesn’t mean that you should let yourself be peer pressured into trying to eat 20 McDouble’s. Anywayyy… On with the competitive gaming news!

Photobucket IM.MVP wins GSL August

The GSL August Code S final on Saturday morning saw Jong-Hyun 'Mvp' Jung take his third title, and $46,000 for first place, in dominant fashion, taking down surprise finalist Jung Hoon 'TOP' Kim 4:1 overall.

Despite TOP taking down GSL Super Tournament champion Polt in the semi-finals, preventing a GSL champion vs. GSL champion TvT final in the process, the odds were still stacked against the oGs player in many people's books as he had to go up against the man many consider the best Terran in the world.

With this third GSL title Mvp puts himself level with NesTea, and one GSL title ahead of MC. Adding to his claim of being the best player in the world right now is the fact Mvp took down NesTea, the previous champion, in the playoffs. GSL August Code S final standings: 1st Jong-Hyun 'Mvp' Jung - $46,000 2nd Jung Hoon 'TOP' Kim - $18,500 3rd-4th Sung-Jun 'July' Park - $4,500 3rd-4th Seong Hun 'Polt' Choi - $2,800

Mvp is arguably the most high level BW player to make the transition to SC2, in terms of his level in the original when he departed. During his BW days he managed to make to the quarter-finals of the Hana Daetoo MSL in 2010, where he lost to eventual champion Flash 1:3. Mvp's SC2 career began with a bang as he overcame his GSL S3 Ro16 placing to win the fourth season in January. In March he added the GSL World Invitational title.

Following that he went into something of a slump, dropping to Code A and then being beaten in the finals of that league by Bomber. Back in Code S the next season he was eliminated 17th-32nd to leave many wondering if he had fallen off as an elite level player. Mvp's return came later that same month as he won MLG Anaheim, dropping only two maps and none against foreigners.

Photobucket First Week of NASL to be cast in 1080p for free

The North American Star League Season 2 is set to start soon, and accordingly, the organization has announced that they will be casting their first week of play in Starcraft 2 and Heroes of Newerth for free. The organization has stated this is in appreciation of their fans, but speculation has run rampant that this is more or less an apology for all of the technical and quality issues that the league experienced last season – as well as to advertise the season pass that costs $25.00.

With many Koreans boycotting the league due to low production values last season, can the NASL redeem themselves in the eyes of the community at large? Only time will tell – however, it is sure to be an excellent showcase of talent from non-Korean players for a change.

Photobucket ESWC partners with ESL to offer extra ways into finals after scandal

The news comes a few weeks after organizations and players were left furious by the announcement that the ESWC would be charging $200 per player for a spot in the grand finals in countries without national qualifiers. At the height of the anger six of the worlds biggest organizations called for a boycott of the competition, set to take place late October during the Paris Games Week. Although things have calmed down since the pressure has still been on the ESWC to find more ways of enticing teams to their competition, and today they have revealed one such way. In partnership with the Electronic Sports League they have announced that there will be online qualifiers hosted for each discipline; 1.6, CS:S, SC2, DotA, Trackmania and Fifa 11.

The tournaments will be open to all teams who come from a country that didn't have a national qualification tournament and the top four teams will earn a spot at this year’s ESWC finals in October. An added incentive for all teams who enter is that the finalists of the online qualifiers will receive not only free entry to the ESWC, but will have their accommodation fully covered by the ESWC. It's also worth noting that teams who have already applied for a spot in this years tournament can still enter the tournament, and should they finish in the top 4 their money will be refunded.

Street Fighter x Tekken TGS 2011 Trailer – Pandora Mode Revealed/4Player battles

Exciting news from TGS today, as the new Pandora mode has been revealed in Street Fighter x Tekken. This will allow you to sacrifice your active character at any time during a fight to give your tag partner a supreme power boost – and adds quite a significant level of strategy to matches, one that may even rival Marvel vs Capcom 3’s X-Factor! Check it out below. (Oh, and if you’re a fan of the Street Fighter Alpha series, there’s a treat in there for you as well – Role- oops, almost gave it away ;).)

That’s it for today’s Dail-e! Stay gold, competitive gamers, and we’ll catch you tomorrow here on Gamezone!

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