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[E-sports dail-E] for 8/11/11 with Dustin Steiner


Good news everyone! It’s another E-sports dail-E!


Starcraft 2 News: Korean Starcraft Association bans teams from participating in NASL

A shocking development from the Starcraft 2 community today as the Korean Starcraft Association, the body governing team and player interactions with various leagues, has banned all Korean teams from participating in season 2 of the North American Star League and potentially all future NASLs.

This followed negotiations which broke down over the NASL’s coverage of Korean players travel expenses to the grand finals, as all other play in the league takes place online over the course of several months. Before season 1 took place, all teams and players signed a contract detailing that the NASL would cover $500 of travel expenses and hotel shuttle services to and from the grand finals. Just before the grand finals, Korean teams expressed difficulty in paying for the additional costs, and the NASL agreed to pay for the plane tickets and just take the additional money out of any winnings that the players made as well as what was left over from the $500 stipend.

As the NASL is currently ramping up for their second season, it was made known to them that the Korean teams would withdraw unless several demands were met – namely that 100% of their travel expenses would be paid and that the “security deposit” or refundable entry fee was removed. This entry fee is collected to ensure that there is no foul play or un-professionalism during matches as if players are disqualified they do not get this back.

In an effort to keep the Korean teams in attendance, the NASL doubled its travel stipend to $1000 per player. The Koreans declined this offer, and the counter offer to increase the minimum prize payout to $1000 per player qualified, equaling a sum of $2000 just for qualifying for the grand final tournament. This leads me to question the true reason for the KSA’s barring of Korean teams, as this seems more than ample compensation for players to travel to the US from Korea. Further details to be reported as this story progresses.

Photobucket Starcraft 2: North American Invitational starts tomorrow

The Starcraft 2 North American Invitational is all set to start tomorrow, as eight of the North American server’s best square off for the chance to win $20,000 and an invite to the Global Championships to take place at this year’s Blizzcon, joining EU champion LiquidRet and runner up NaNiWa. The event will be streamed free of charge on Blizzard’s Blizzcon site. You only need a account to watch, and its free of charge. Popular Starcraft 2 Commentators Sean “Day[9]” Plott and JP “itmeJP” McDaniel will be providing commentary. Below, the brackets are displayed for the tournament, courtesy of the Blizzard page.


Fierce competition is sure to be had, so don’t miss the coverage starting at 12 PM EST.

Photobucket MLG News: Mortal Kombat 9 to be featured at MLG Raleigh

Major League Gaming has announced today that a Mortal Kombat 9 tournament is to be held at MLG Raleigh, to take place between August 26th and August 28th played exclusively on the Playstation 3. The event starts on the 26th with an open qualifier that I think is quite unique – it’s walk up, winner stays on the station until they lose. Players are then ranked by how many games they won in a row, the top 8 advancing to the 16 player playoff. The other 8 players who qualified via MLG’s QQ Online Qualifier skip this, going straight to the playoffs, for a chance at a prize pool of $7000 in addition to the $2000 prize pool for the Online Qualifier, offering players who participated in this quite the advantage. Full details on the event can be viewed on the MLG site.

Hype Worthy Moment

Today’s hype worthy moment comes to us from the EVO 2011 Mortal Kombat 9 Grand Finals, DMZ|MCZ PerfectLegend vs vVv REO - a great Kung Lao vs Mileena matchup, best of 5.

That’s it for the Dail-E, folks!

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