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[E-sports dail-E] for 8/10/11 with Dustin Steiner


Hello and welcome competitive gaming fans! Posting a bit early so you guys can check out something special to start off with, followed by Starcraft 2 and League of Legend news.

vVv Gaming interviews MLG head Sundance DiGiovanni *Starting at 10:30 PMEST*
Watch live video from vVv Gaming on

What are you still staring at this for? Go and participate in what’s sure to be a very informative interview about upcoming competitive games at MLG, MLG’s tournament systems and other topics relating to pro gaming.

Guard Crush 21 on TeamSp00ky’s Stream *Happening Now 60+ player tournament*

TeamSp00ky, the fine folks who provided the streaming for EVO, are covering the Guard Crush series of local tournaments in New York City. Some fine Super Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 action from the east coast fighting scene is sure to be had tonight – check out the stream which I’ve embedded below. Definitely NSFW!

Watch live video from teamsp00ky on

Photobucket Starcraft 2: Team Liquid signs HerO

More signing news following yesterday’s signing of Yell0w with Team SlayerS. Earlier today, it was announced that Team Liquid, one of the top international teams to compete in Starcraft 2 outside of Korea, have signed HerO formerly of Team oGs. He joins fellow Koreans PuMa and FXOz as one of the few Koreans to sign with a non-Korean team. Team Liquid and Team oGs have been very close for a long time, with players from Team Liquid frequently staying with Team oGs when they come to Korea to compete – this led to HerO’s recommendation by some members of the team to TeamLiquid captain LiquidTyler and HerO’s decision to leave Team oGs.

HerO will make his international debut at MLG Raleigh August 26th through August 28th.

Photobucket Starcraft 2: HuK, MarineKing, PuMa, Killer join 12 others at Intel Extreme Masters Cologne

Four extremely strong competitors have been added to the already tough field at the Cologne Intel Extreme Masters Starcraft 2 tournament to be played at Gamescom 2011. Below you’ll find the groups listed and each player’s biggest accomplishment next to them in parenthesis.

Group A Kas (Winner Gigabyte Cup #4) Beastyqt (runner up Gigabyte Cup #4) IdrA (IGN Pro League Invitational Champion) PuMa (North American Star League Season 1 Champion)

Group B Socke (2011 Shoutcraft Invitational Champion) DieStar (Runner up ESL Dailymotion Cup 2011) SeleCT (Runner up IGN Pro League Invitational) Killer (#1 on Korean Ladder)

Group C Tarson (ESL Pro Series Poland Season 2 Champion) Nerchio (Gigabyte Cup #5 Champion) mOOnGLaDe (IEM Cologne 2011 Qualifiers 1st place) HuK (Summer Dreamhack 2011 Champion)

Group D Stephano (Semi Finals ASUS Assembly 2011) SaSe (2011 Grubby Starcraft Series Pro Invitational Champion) MaNa (Semi finals ASUS Assembly 2011) MarineKing (2011 CPL Starcraft 2 Invitational Champion – just won this)

Photobucket League of Legends: Frag eXecutors pick up a LoL team

Team Frag eXecutors, mostly known for their Counterstrike Source 1.6 play has signed a League of Legends team. They have picked up the team formerly known as Adversa, a team that won the ESL EU East and Nordic Go4LoL #49 tournaments. Here is the Fx.LoL lineup.

Pawel "Alvado" Kaminski Lukasz "iMba" Dusza Pawel "Ismaro Szpracel Kuba "Kubon" Turewicz Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf

Hype Worthy Moment: KoF 13 Ranbat Grand Finals from Southtown Arcade – 7/24

Some stream action showcasing high-level King of Fighters 13 play – after seeing this video I hope that King of Fighters 13 will be featured at Evo 2012.

That's it for today's Dail-E! Watch those streams and take it easy, E-sports fans!

Dustin Steiner is Gamezone's E-Sports Correspondent! Follow Dustin on Twitter @SteinerDustin

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