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[E-sports dail-E] Dreamhack Balkan announced, Team Acer signs a LoL Team - 9/5/11


[Insert witty intro about eSports here]. Down to business.

Photobucket Dreamhack Balkan Announced

South East Europe will have two slots for the $30,000 MSI BEAT IT tournament, which will be held on Dreamhack Winter November 24-27, set to be distributed via Dreamhack Balkan.

The qualification will start with domestic qualifiers in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia, the two best teams from each country will advance to DreamHack Balkan. DreamHack Balkan will take place October 29-30 in Romania, where two teams will qualify for Winter Dreamhack.

DreamHack Balkan will be executed by PGL and partners, more information about qualifier will be posted on the DreamHack Balkan website.

Photobucket Team Acer has signed a League of Legends Team

Acer has been rumored to have been searching for a League of Legends team for a while now and has found one in the form of the team Clanless of Germany. The newly redubbed Team Acer is sitting in the top of their group in the ESL Pro Series – they also recently finished 2nd in the ROCCAT ISKU Challenge behind Spain’s Meet Your Makers.

In addition to these performances, the new team is all set to represent Germany in the World Cyber Games to be held in Busan, South Korea.

The Team Acer GM, Uwe Semtner released this statement:

"Even after our "interesting" experience in the past with League of Legends Squads, I'm really happy that we finally got a team which fits perfect into our philosophy and into the existing framework of Team Acer."

The Team Acer League of Legends manager, Marco 'colvin' Heller had this to say: "The hard work in the last month and weeks finally paid off. We are so happy that we found an organization like Acer, which takes the load off us. Now there is even more motivation in our team and we really want to present Acer on the best way possible in the next matches, upcoming tournaments and of course the leagues. Since our first meeting with the Acer management we directly recognized, that we - as a team - and Team Acer would fit perfectly together. So we are really looking forward to a great future as a part of Team Acer!"

The roster for Team Acer is as follows:

Thomas 'Schabz' Vogerl Victor 'CitizenWayne' Toll Stefan 'Wollelol' Wagner Christoph 'nRated' Seitz Steffen 'Faamy' Hentschel

Good luck to Team Acer in their future endeavors – we’ll be watching them with some interest.


Danish Players Moxxi and Zaider Banned after Facebook conversation

On the first day of September, the Danish community site brought news, which accused the duo of cheating. The news was built around facebook conversations between Nicolai "moxxi" Tinggaard and Emil "zaider" Brandt, which allegedly took place before the match against SK Gaming in our Xperia PLAY prelude.

The conversations shows the duo chatting about using shady methods (cheating) in the match against SK Gaming, as well as the possibility to use it in practice games., which is not just the Danish community site, but also organizer of various e-sport activities in Denmark, today went on to issue bans to both players.

Moxxi was given a two year ban from all activities, based on his ban at , which is an international network for gathers, FFA and more, but also the conversations with Brandt, which to is very revealing on the matter of using cheat. Moxxi has however claimed that it was not him playing on the account when it got banned. Moxxi's ban will expire on September 5, 2013.

Zaider received a one year ban from all activities, only based on the conversations with Moxxi. Zaider will see his ban expire on September 5, 2012.

Zaider released a statement admitting that the conversations had indeed taken place, but also leveled accusations of unfairness on XplayN’s side.

"The entire case reflects on Nicolai and I having facebook conversations, which took place about six months ago, in which we joked on the matter of cheating against SK Gaming and how it should be used. Today I received a one year ban from all tournaments held by, which is based on the conversations and on the conversations only. I can't understand how a ban can be issued on speculations whether I have cheated or not.

I have several times offered people my in-eye demos from the match against SK, in order to kill the rumors of me using any type of cheat. People, including XplayN, have furthermore had the option to confirm/deny the facebook conversation by downloading the HLTV demo and study my play, to determine if there is anything shady.

Instead XplayN decided to ban me on the conversations that took place between Nicolai and I. I have cheated before, but it is so far back I can't even remember when it was. It's history – innocent until proven opposite." - Emil "zaider" Brandt told

Event organizers in Denmark have previously shown a zero tolerance policy on cheating, so it will be interesting to see if other Danish organizations, or indeed international organizers, will follow suit with this ban on these two players.

Summer Jam MvC3 Winner’s Finals – LB NYChrisG vs BT | IFC Yipes

From last week’s Summer Jam, we have an excellent matchup between NYChrisG and Yipes (a player more known for his commentary/MCing at Evo). Match is best of 5.

That’s it for today’s Dail-e. Hit us up tomorrow for more of that news that never fills you up but always satisfies.

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