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[E-sports dail-E] with Dustin Steiner - Godsgarden 4 Street Fighter coverage 8/19


Welcome to another E-sports dail-E, folks! Let’s get down to it, shall we?

So much going on at Gamescom, no way I can possibly cover it all. To see complete Gamescom coverage head over to – they have VoDs of every match covered as well as a complete streaming replay of the event complete with commentarys.

Photobucket League of Legends: North American team dominance at Gamescom

North American teams are really tearing it up at Gamescom this year – with more than half of the group play completed, 3 American teams sit on the top of their groups. This should come as no surprise as League of Legends is most popular here in the States, but I do have to wonder what has gotten into these European teams? Have all of the more advanced players moved on to Heroes of Newerth (a game that is well known for having a higher skill ceiling than League of Legends) or perhaps begun preparing for the release of DotA 2? I’m not too sure, but it’s worked out well for US teams! USA! USA! US--- Okay, I’ll stop.

Photobucket Street Fighter: GodsGarden 4 is tomorrow morning

Godsgarden, a yearly Console based Street Fighter 4 tournament held in Japan, is set to take place tomorrow morning. This tournament works a bit differently than others as 12 of the 16 in the final rounds are voted in from fans, while the last 4 must work through an extremely grueling set of qualifying matches. The tournament also has some odd quirks, such as choosing to fight someone else in the finals if you feel the matchup isn’t in your favor.

Nevertheless, the tournament should feature some awesome Street Fighter play and should be watched by all those interested. Below, I’ve embedded the livestream and a list of qualifying players. Anyone who followed my Evo coverage should recognize quite a few names there. Qualifiers start at 4 AM and the final 16 start at 9AM, due to the tournament being in Japan.

Format - Double elimination - Fortune Box (A random selected player can choose his opponent, a player has the right to refuse a challenge once.)

Tournament rules A player must choose and register only one character. It's fixed. No counter-pick. Changing Ultra Combo is allowed.

Live streaming by Ustream

INVITED PLAYERS Rank / Player Name / Character / No. of Votes / Notes 01. Umehara / Yun / 17879 / #1 BP rank in Japan, EVO 2009 & 2010 SFIV/SSFIV champion 02. Fuudo / Fei Long / 17564 / #2 BP Fei Long, EVO 2011 AE champion 03. Nemo / Yang / 16790 / #1 BP Yang, GODSGARDEN #2.5 champion 04. Tokido / Akuma / 14943 / GODSGARDEN #2 champion 05. YHC-Mochi / Dhalsim / 13989 / GODSGARDEN ONLINE #1 2nd place 06. Sako / Yang / 13914 / GODSGARDEN ONLINE #1 Champion, GODSGARDEN ONLINE #2 2nd place 07. Kazunoko / Yun / 13448 / #2 BP Rank in Japan, #1 PP Rank in XBL AE 08. Haitani / Makoto / 13409 / #1 BP Rank Makoto 09. RF / Sagat / 13379 / #1 BP Rank Sagat, part of Tougeki 2010 championship team 10. Uryo / Sakura / 12155 / #1 BP Rank Sakura, GODSGARDEN #1 2nd place, GODSGARDEN #2 2nd place -- Momochi / Yun / -- / Qualified as winner of Niconico Stream Battle x Nagoya Street Battle; part of Tougeki 2010 championship team -- KOK / Fei Long / -- / Qualified as winner of the GODSGARDEN #4 a-cho qualifier

QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT PLAYERS Group A Poongko (Seth) Eita (Akuma) Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) Joe (C.Viper) Ueto Aya (Chun-Li) Abelity (Abel) Ishii Pro (Hakan) Aldogoliath (Fei Long)

Group B Mago (Fei Long); GODSGARDEN #1, GODSGARDEN ONLINE #2 champion Nekosuke (Yun) Kyoku (Yang) Kiryu Tsukimiya (Guy) 1P (Ken) BIGDANMUL (Makoto) yuuuuusuke (Ibuki) STRIPFIGHTERIV (Dan) nole (Ryu)

Group C Ikoma Devil (M.Bison) ACQUA (Yang) Binbinman (Yun) Tetra (Yang) Hanamaruki (Sagat) hydebuffy (Adon) Hisaya (Yang) Nagai minoru (Guile) Kindevu (Evil Ryu)

Group D Banbaban (Yun) Bonchan (Sagat) NISHIKIN (Blanka) Charisma (Adon) aruchan (Ryu) Akuesu (Guy) Okkun (Ibuki) haibu (Makoto) Moni (Sakura)

Group E Shiro (Makoto) Mahou Shoujo Zangitan (Zangief) inco (Rufus) Yossan (Juri) Iori (El Fuerte) Tarzan Yagi (Zangief) Goccha (Ibuki) ukms (Zangief) MaSaN (Ken) Hamu (Guy)

Group F Xian (Yun) Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) Reiketsu Hidou (Balrog) Togawa (Ryu) Matsuri (C.Viper) papaya (Akuma) Erunia (Sakura) Ginga (Ibuki) Purikuma (Hakan) Anchovy (Chun-Li)

Group G Nekojita (Abel) Tonpy (C.Viper) Kim1234 (M.Bison) Nyanshi (Sagat) Kiyomatsu (Guy) Karasu. (Adon) Initial Kyouso (Rose) Eni (Guy) Kyan (Yang) Dragon Smasher (Ken)

Group H Haneyama (Yang) Final Atomic X (Makoto) Choco (Blanka) Gasshuku (C.Viper) DB Coopa (Yun) Gowasu (E.Honda) EMu (Sagat) Gorg (Makoto) Ranix (Adon) Charidoro (Sagat)

Hype Worthy Moment – DotA 2 International Highlights
Today, I’d like to feature some highlights from the DotA 2 International, showcasing some of the game’s gameplay. The game shows some competitive promise, but I wonder if Valve is really ready to go head to head with S2 and Riot.
This 8-Bit remix of the famous Daigo comeback of 2004 in Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike is amazing, and should be shared.

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