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Dyscourse developers maroon pixel versions of famous indie developers on an island


Owlchemy Labs is doing something awesome. It's putting a bunch of well-known indie developers in its Kickstarter game, Dyscourse, and marooning them on an island.

Dyscourse is a psychological survival-adventure game that now features the bonus scenario "Indie Plane Crash," and so far 10 developers are taking part in the Lost-like experiment:

  • Tim Schafer (Psychonauts, Broken Age / Double Fine)
  • Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy / Team Meat)
  • Phil Tibitoski (Octodad / Young Horses)
  • Alexander Bruce (Antichamber / Independent)
  • Ron Carmel (World of Goo / 2D Boy)
  • Robin Hunicke (Journey, thatgamecompany / Funomena)
  • Ichiro Lambe (Aaaaa! / Dejobaan Games)
  • Adam Saltsman (Canabalt, Hundreds / Semi Secret Software)
  • Will Stallwood (Auditorium / Cipher Prime)
  • Rami Ismail (Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing / Vlambeer)

"They can code, but can they catch cod?" said Owlchemy "chief scientist" Alex Schwartz in a press statement. "This additional scenario will explore what happens when these stars of the indie scene have to sleep under the big sky, fighting the elements, and potentially each other to survive until rescue."

The Kickstarter confirms that "Indie Plane Crash" is "not a stretch goal, or backer-only addition."

Dyscourse has over $14,000 in crowdfunding but needs to make $40,000 for its campaign to succeed in just 17 days. The game prides itself on exploring the human element of survival and making choices matter by having them lead to more possible scenarios than the average game would.

Gameplay also revolves around an A.I. system of "sneaking, hunting, projectile weaponry, and fight-or-flight mechanisms" as well as an intriguing "memory-marker" feature.

If successful, Dyscourse will launch for PC, Mac, and Linux in 2014.

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