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Dynasty Warriors 6 for PS2 Reaches Gold Status

November 3, 2008

Dynasty Warriors 6 for PS2 Reaches Gold Status

DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 for PlayStation 2 set to ship to North American retailers on November 18, 2008

KOEI today announced that DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 for the PlayStation 2 has reached gold status. The highly-anticipated Tactical Action game ships on November 18, 2008 to North American retailers including: Amazon, EBGames, Game Crazy, GameFly, GameStop, and Walmart.

Featuring the full cast of playable characters of the original release, DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 for PlayStation 2 comes action-packed with platform-exclusive content including: 10 new scenarios, five additional stages, plus new "Musou" mode stories and weapons for popular characters Zhang He, Cao Pi, Ling Tong, Ma Chao, Taishi Ci and Yue Ying.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 also comes to Windows-based PC on November 18, 2008 exclusively through digital download for residents of North America and Brazil. The game is in stores now for the PLAYSTATION 3 and for the Xbox 360.

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