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Dynasty Warriors 8 slashes its way to consoles today

The long-running hack and slash franchise featuring a myriad of characters from Chinese history is back with Dynasty Warriors 8. Not only will DW8 be packed with tons of characters, as well as a few new faces, it also boasts an entirely new mode called Ambition Mode. Here players will play as an officer, growing in ranks, upgrading their home base, recruiting warriors and partaking in various challenges.

Each and every character has a unique skillset and weapon, which means you can say goodbye to clone character, and hello to 77 unique warriors that each play differently from one another.

The game is absolutely brimming with content with a lengthy Story Mode, the new Ambition Mode, What If scenarios, local and online multiplayer, character and weapon upgrading and tons more.

You can purchase Dynasty Warriors 8 now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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