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Dynasty Warriors 8 boasts over 70 characters and new gameplay mechanics

Tecmo Koei released a new trailer for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 8 game (which is Dynasty Warriors 7 in Japan). What do we learn from this new trailer? Well, I don't speak Japanese, but apparently the great people over at Siliconera do, so let's look to them for guidance.

Dynasty Warriors 8 packs in over 70 warriors with newcomers like Lu Xun and Guan Yunping. There will also be some new gameplay elements such as the Variable Counter system which allows you to perform counter attacks and switch weapons on the fly if an enemy wields one that has advantage over yours. Storm Rush unleashes a flurry of attacks against a general's guard if the currently equipped weapon is better than theirs. There is also a new Awakening technique which not only boosts stats, but also unlocks the True Awakening Musou.

The new weapon counter system will give certain weapons with different affinities the edge over others. Basically Heaven weapons beat People, People beat Earth, and Earth beats Heaven. Rock-paper-scissors anyone?

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