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Dying Light: The Following snuck in a Harry Potter Easter egg

You're a zombie, Harry


Dying Light: The Following, the latest expansion to developer Techland’s latest zombie experience, is filled with Easter eggs. YouTuber TheGenericBrit recently unearthed the game’s not-so-subtle nod to Harry Potter, which even mild fans of the series are sure to appreciate.

As TGB showed in his video, the secret is located near the southwest end of The Following’s Countryside area, inside a rather unassuming house. The first room on the left is a faithful recreation of Harry’s iconic hovel of a room, complete with a wizard hat and conspicuous glasses.

Curiously, there is also a magic skull on the room’s highest shelf which spins erratically when examined. In addition, the jewel box above the bed may contain some top-shelf valuables to bring to one of Dying Light’s many merchants, so it’s worth the trek.

Thanks, GameSpot

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