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Dying Light's parkour system isn't just for running

One of the biggest features of Techland's Dying Light is the game's Natural Movement. Designed internally by Techland, the parkour-style system allows you to easily and intuitively move throughout the environment. Of course, up until now, all footage we've seen of the game's parkour movement has been for traversing the city and running from enemies.

In a new trailer for E3 -- the first of many new game trailers to come -- Techland shows off how you can combine the parkour-style movement with brutal combat. Jump from the top of a building and come crashing down into a group of infected with a giant hammer? You can do that. Wall-run into an infected and smash its head with a pipe? Yea, you can do that too. Of course, this is all during the day. At night, you better use those parkour skills to run from certain death.

Dying Light will be showcased at E3 next week, so keep it tuned to GameZone for our hands-on impressions. The actual game will be released in February 2015 for SP4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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