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Dustforce is 50 percent off on Steam, so get to sweepin'!


I like when I get to mention a game I really dug a few months back. Not only do I get the chance to (hopefully) raise some interest in it, but I usually get so stoked about the game that I end up either remembering some great moments or going back and playing it.

Earlier today, a free level editor was released for Dustforce. The game, which I awarded an 8.5/10 score to on account of its awesomeness, delivered a satisfying and tough 2D platforming experience.

As if that free level editor patch wasn't sweet enough, Steam and developer Hitbox Team are offering the game for half off. That means you can acquire Dustforce for just $4.99. Not shabby at all!

If you have yet to play this indie gem, there's really no time like the present. Hell, the amazing soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission. Add to that some stellar platforming and you've got more than your money's worth at five bucks. Check it out if you haven't already.


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