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Dust 514 'Precursor' update adds EVE Online Integration and many other features


Dust 514's first ever integration with MMORPG EVE Online will go live on August 21st, according to Sony.

As part of the "Precursor" release for Dust 514's closed beta, the update will move Dust 514 from its standalone testing server over to the EVE Online test server, effectively linking the front-line combat of Dust 514 with the galactic ship warfare of EVE Online.

Once live, players on EVE's Singularity (aka "Sisi") server, whether on Dust 514 or EVE Online, will be able to chat in real time and send in-game mail between games.

The first framework for Orbital Strikes will go live. These powerful, space-based attacks are what help link the two games together, letting squad leaders call in Orbital Strikes from the War Barge flying overhead when their squad achieves certain conditions.

In the near future, players in Dust 514 will be able to request strikes from ships piloted by EVE Online players with the potential to do far more damage than the War Barge. Their accuracy and power is determined by factors like your Dust 514's Merc's skills and what turrets the EVE Online pilots have trained and on their spaceships. Also coming soon is some defense for the Mercs; Orbital Artillery outposts on the ground will soon be implemented which can be used to attack EVE Online ships in space.

Outside of linking the two games, the Precursor update adds many new features include keyboard and mouse implementation for Dust 514, environmental factors based on planetary attributes and what is built on the planet, and instant battle matchmaking.

The Dust 514 Close Beta update is set to launch on August 21. Sony will be announcing new events "very soon" that will give more PS3 owners a chance to test Dust 514. You can sign up for a chance to test the game from the beta site.

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