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Durability bug to be fixed in Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin only

Why not Dark Souls 2?


From Software is finally addressing the durability bug that plagued the PC version of Dark Souls 2 and every version of Darks Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. Unfortunately it looks like they will only be fixing the bug for the more recently released Scholar of the First Sin.

When we got our hands on Scholar of the First Sin, one of the first things we wondering was "why FROM didn't see the need to patch this bug out." The bug left our reviewer buying multiple amounts of the same weapon: 

I had to buy multiples of the weapon I like to use, only to be able to get through one long segment in the game, since the durability seems to chip away extremely fast.

This experience was not ours alone, it was shared by everyone playing the game. A Bandai Namco representative made it clear that a fix was on its way for PS4, Steam and Xbox One Scholar of the First Sin players:

The fix will be issued for PS4, Steam and Xbox One, and will be apparent for people running the game at 60fps as the durability decrease rate is linked to the frame rate. We are still working on the exact release date for the patch, which will also fix additional issues not just durability, and will follow up with the date as soon as possible.

When or how the patch will be implemented has not been detailed, but one thing is for sure... It's pretty lame that it's not coming to the PC to fix Dark Souls 2.

[Dark Souls II JP]

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